Cannon Muskegon commenced cast superalloy modification work in the late 1970’s with CM 247 LC® alloy (also known as Rene’ 108), a DS derivative of MAR M 247 alloy.

Because of the excellent castability (freedom from DS grain boundary cracking and equiaxe hot cracking), strength and ductility – including fatigue properties, CM 247 LC® is used since 1984, for flight and industrial engine blades and vane segments (DS & equiaxed), integral axial turbine wheels and nozzles and high performance turbocharger wheels (Formula 1 racing) by at least 14 OEMS worldwide.

Work on single crystal (SX) alloy development commenced in the very late 1970s inspired by the pioneering SX alloy and casting process developments at PWA.  This has led to the following CMSX® alloys:
  • CMSX®-2/3 – 1st Generation SX Alloys
  • CMSX-6® – Low Density 1st Generation SX Alloy
  • CMSX-4® – 2nd Generation 3% Re Alloy
    • Greatest Worldwide Applications (175 Million Total Engine Hours)  Flight, Industrial, and Marine Turbines
  • CMSX®-10K/10N – 3rd Generation 6-7% Re Alloys
    • Uncooled 2nd Stage Blades
  • CM 186 LC®/CMSX-486® – SX Vane Segment Alloys, Including IGT Large Vanes
    • Used As Cast
  • CM 681 LC® – Sophisticated Integral Wheel Alloy (3% Re)
  • CM 939 Weldable® – Structurally Weld Repairable IGT Vane and Flight Engine Integral Nozzle and High Temperature Structural Part Alloy (10 Years Engine Operating Experience).
  • CMSX®-7 – Strength, Oxidation Resistance and Castability Improvement Over CMSX-3® – Zero Re
  • CMSX®-8/B/C – 1.5% Re Alloy With Properties Close to CMSX-4® – Excellent SX Castability
  • CMSX-4® Plus – Improved 3rd Generation SX Alloy

    • Superior high temperature mechanical properties
    • Improved castability – yield, chemistry retention, as-cast microporosity & Solution Heat Treatment window – full solutioning with no recrystallization or incipient melting
    • Excellent Phase stability & bare alloy oxidation properties
    • Lower Re content, cost & density compared to current 3rd generation SX alloys.

SX casting yield, casting quality and turbine engine airfoil component performance results – including component lifing/durability, for these CM manufactured proprietary alloys, is acknowledged by the gas turbine industry as world-class.