A single-crystal superalloy with improved creep-rupture strength, CMSX-486 is grain boundary strengthened through optimized additions of boron, carbon, hafnium and zirconium. CMSX-486 is designed for service as-cast, to maximize complex casting yield without heat treatment recrystallization problems. This nickel-base superalloy contains 9.3% cobalt, 8.6% tungsten, 5.7% aluminum, 5% chromium and 3% rhenium.


Beyond the DS experience, fine grained integral wheel casting application has ensued. Besides the advantages the alloy provides to castability and ductility, it also achieves approximately half the MAR M 247 crack growth rate of the similarly fine grain processed MAR M 247 alloy.


Like all of our single crystal superalloys, CMSX-486 offers superior resistance to thermal fatigue, low-cycle fatigue and oxidation. The absence of transverse leading and trailing edge grain boundaries enhances the performance of vanes and vane segments.

Single-crystal alloys also demonstrate a significant improvement in thin wall (cooled airfoil) creep properties. This makes them an important development for turbine design because multiple airfoil segments can lower machining and fabrication costs as well as reduce gas leakage.


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