Gas turbine engine designers seek improved fuel efficiency’ power to weight performance, improved hot section durability and lower life cycle costs. To achieve the improved performance and efficiencies, designers tend to utilize increasingly capable single crystal alloys. In particular, many employ CMSX-4®.

CMSX-4 is an ultra high strength, single crystal alloy development of the Cannon Muskegon Corporation. This second generation rhenium-containing, nickel-base single crystal alloy is capable of higher peak temperature/stress operation of at least 2125°F (1163°C). Large tonnages of CMSX-4 have been produced. Solar® Turbines report blade lives to overhaul of 25,000 – 30,000 hrs. in their 15,000 hp Mars 100 industrial gas turbine. Significant world wide are and industrial gas turbine airfoil application experience support the CMSX-4 alloy features noted below.


CMSX®-4 super alloy from Cannon Muskegon is in use by Solar® Turbines for their 4.2 MW Mars 100 industrial gas turbine engine.



bullet Density 0.314 lb./in3 (8.70 kg/dm3).
bullet Good single crystal castability with moderate to high thermal gradient, industrial casting processes – similar to CMSX-2® and CMSX-3® production experience.
bullet Solution heat treatment “window of approximately 19°C (35°F) – capable of full ý and eutectuc yand y-ý solutioning without incipient melting.
bullet Specific (density corrected) stress-rupture advantage of 35°C (63°F) over CMSX-2/3 alloys. 
bullet Stress – 1% creep advantage of 62°C  (111°F) over DS  CM 247LC®.
bullet Oxidation resistance (both bare & coated) at least as good as CMSX-2 and CMSX-3 alloys. Improved hot corrosion resistance. 
bullet Excellent phasial stability and tolerant of rare earth elemental ppm residual additions of lanthanun and yttrium for enhanced bare oxidation resistance and thermal barrier coating adherence.


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