CM-247 LC

CM 247 LC is a derivative of MAR M 247 composition, primarily designed for directionally solidified (DS) turbine blade and vane applications. The modified alloy is a development of Cannon Muskegon Corporation.


Beyond the DS experience, fine grained integral wheel casting application has ensued. Besides the advantages the alloy provides to castability and ductility, it also achieves approximately half the MAR M 247 crack growth rate of the similarly fine grain processed MAR M 247 alloy.


The exceptional castability of CM 247 LC has resulted in its selection for conventionally cast vanes, nozzles and structural turbine components for aero and industrial gas turbines.

Extensive industrial turbine applications for DS blade and vane components have developed in CM247 LC where natural gas is used a fuel.



bullet Density 0.308 lb./dm3 (8.54 kg/dm3).
bullet Exceptional DS castability, in particular, resistance to grain boundary cracking during DS casting, complex cored, thin wall turbine airfoils. 
bullet Approximately 50% greater tensile ductility advantage over MAR M 247 due to its more favorable carbide microstructure. 
bullet Readily solution heat-treatable using multi-step treatments. Full solutioning of the ý and extensiveyý euectic solutioning results in an 11°C (20°F ) DS longitudinal stress-rupture property advantage over DS MAR M 247 and a 19°C (35°F ) advantage over MAR M 002.
bullet Minimum DS transverse tensile-ductility (full heat treated including full solutioning) typically 4%. 
bullet Improved carbide stability compared to MAR M 247 — much less susceptible to M6C platelet formation following solution treatment and high temperature turbine service exposure as well as brazing and diffusion bonding.


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