At Cannon-Muskegon, our mission is to make our customer’s product better and to reduce their and the end-users total cost of ownership. We do this by using state-of-the-art analytical techniques and years of process know how as well as employing decades of our decades of knowledge of our customers’ unique foundry processes to optimize product quality for use in a particular foundry. This, in turn, reduces our customer scrap and rework hence adding to their bottom line.

Additionally, Cannon-Muskegon has developed its own line of proprietary alloys such as CMSX®-4 under the CM Alloy brand for use in single crystal and directionally solidified applications. These high temperature superalloys allow our customers to operate their engines hotter and longer adding to their profitability. As engine operating temperatures increase, emissions are decreased and fuel efficiency increased. Operating engines longer in the field, hence reducing trips for them to be refurbished, further increase their value to our customers and their end users.