About Us

Since its founding in 1952, Cannon-Muskegon has been blazing the trail of premium cast alloys, embracing continuous innovation and rigorous manufacturing standards, to empower our customers and position us as a global leader in alloy for investment castings.
Global Leaders
By serving a diverse range of applications within an even broader range of industries, such as aerospace, nuclear, medical, and commercial, our nickel and cobalt-base alloys and stainless steels have become the industry standard. Cannon-Muskegon customers rely on our superior quality, as we use only the finest raw materials and enforce strict tramp and trace element control.
We all but eliminate heat-to-heat variability with our controls and in-process chemistry verifications, guaranteeing that we meet your most challenging performance requirements. We produce all commercially available vacuum melt nickel and cobalt-base alloys for equiaxed, directionally-solidified and single crystal remelt applications, as well as air melt cobalt alloys for remelt applications. We also produce all commercially available stainless steels, and develop and produce our own line of proprietary single crystal and directionally solidified alloys, including CMSX®-4 under the CM Alloy Brand.
As an industry leader, we understand that our customers’ unique challenges also come at a premium cost to them. Our analytical techniques and sophisticated systems enable us to present an optimized product, specifically and carefully tailored to our customers’ needs. We employ decades of knowledge of our customers’ unique foundry processes to create valuable, resource conserving products, with benefits that translate all the way to the end user.
Cannon-Muskegon’s own line of proprietary alloys for use in single crystal and directionally solidified turbine airfoil applications is an exceptional example of creating and providing unique and cost-saving solutions. Our high temperature single crystal superalloys, such as CMSX®-4, have significantly decreased operating costs for many customers, especially those who need to run engines hotter and longer. Our unparalleled experience promotes savings to your bottom line.
Our Leadership
Customers & End Markets
Recognizing the complex needs of our customers has placed our alloys in the most intricate and highly performing components in the world. From both aerospace and industrial gas turbines, to human medical implants, marine, and even nuclear applications, these mission critical applications provide some of the most challenging environments on the globe.
Cannon-Muskegon is proud to develop unique solutions to meet specifications of temperature, corrosion resistance, and fatigue life, that empower over 100 active customers in over 25 countries. We strive to deliver products that are resistant to high temperatures and severe mechanical stress, while demonstrating superior corrosion resistance.